Sand Point Way NE

June 1, 2021

What’s happening now?

Construction is in progress on Sand Point Way NE! We are connecting and extending sidewalks, adding curb bulbs and crosswalks, and making intersection improvements along Sand Point Way NE to create a complete, predictable, multimodal corridor that enhances safety for people walking, biking, taking transit, and driving.

We are working on the west side of Sand Point Way NE at NE 70th St, moving north to NE 77th St. Crews are prepping and pouring concrete for curbs, gutters, roadway panels, and sidewalks. To complete this work in early June, we will be maintaining one travel lane in both directions at all times along Sand Point Way NE. 

During construction, please expect:

  • Typical construction weekday hours of 7 AM - 5 PM, Monday through Friday
  • Construction equipment staged in parking stalls or shoulder
  • Temporary disruptions to parking along Sand Point Way NE
  • Limited access and temporary disruptions to sidewalks on Sand Point Way NE
  • Construction noise and vibrations during work hours
  • Reduced lane width, two-way traffic will be maintained
  • Temporary closure or relocation of bus stops
  • Closure along NE 74th St at Sand Point Way NE from August 9 to August 27
    • Detours will be provided; alternate entrance to recreation area will be provided at NE 65th St
    • One travel lane in each direction on Sand Point Way NE will be maintained

What's Next?

Once work on the west side of Sand Point Way NE is complete, we will transition to the east side of Sand Point Way NE to prepare for new sidewalks. This work will include prepping for curb and gutter, installation of roadway panels, and pouring of concrete for new sidewalks.

We will be closing NE 74th St at Sand Point Way NE from August 9 to August 27 to complete reconfiguration of the intersection. Detours will be provided, and alternate entrance access to Magnuson Park will be provided at NE 65th St. During this work, one travel lane in each direction on Sand Point Way NE will be maintained.

We are committed to keeping community members up to date about construction activities, timelines, and anticipated impacts. We will continue to work with neighbors and project stakeholders to minimize construction impacts as much as possible.

Construction timelines and impacts are subject to change. To stay informed, you can also sign up for our project mailing list, watch our recorded presentation (March 2021), and/or keep checking our website for the latest updates and activities.



Sand Point Way NE is an arterial street in northeast Seattle lined with single and multi-family homes. Sand Point Way connects many activity centers such as, University Village, University of Washington, Seattle Children's Hospital, Magnuson Park, and runs parallel to the Burke-Gilman Trail. 16,000 vehicles travel on Sand Point Way NE each weekday and many bus routes serve the corridor.

This project was originally identified by a resident in 2016, who submitted a request to fund sidewalk improvements as part of the Your Voice, Your Choice program. This request led to a transportation study completed in 2017. The study and a review of our citywide transportation plans showed that enhancing Sand Point Way NE would improve safety and accessibility for all travelers.

Project Goals

Our primary goals are to enhance safety and mobility along the corridor, so people who live, work, and play along Sand Point Way can have a more comfortable, enjoyable experience. We also plan to improve access to Magnuson Park, and enhance the flow of traffic on Sand Point Way NE.

  • Increase safety and predictability for all travelers
  • Upgrade travel options for those who live, work, and play along Sand Point Way NE
  • Update intersections and enhance pedestrian crossings
  • Enhance access to transportation and recreation for people of all ages and abilities
  • Connect sidewalks to the existing sidewalks, walkways and biking network (Burke-Gilman Trail)

Project Area

Upcoming safety enhancement work includes:

  • New sidewalks between NE 70th St and NE 77th St*
  • Reconfiguration of the NE 74th St intersection
  • New marked crosswalk at the NE 77th St intersection
  • New curb bulbs and curb ramps at the NE 70th St intersection

*Please note that with the new sidewalks there will not be enough room for vehicles to park in the right-of-way once construction is complete. This includes the west side of Sand Point Way NE between NE 74th St and NE 77th St, and the east side between NE 74th St and NE 75th St. 

The image shows the scope of the project, which is along Sand Point Way from NE 70th St to NE 77th St
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NE 74th St Intersection Reconfiguration

Intersection of NE 74th St and Sand Point Way

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Completed Project Elements:

Several safety enhancements were made along Sand Point Way NE since 2019:

  • New curb bulbs and sidewalks at NE 123rd St
  • Removed slip lanes, new pedestrian-activated flashing beacons and intersection layout at NE 95th St
  • New pedestrian-activated flashing beacons at NE NOAA Dr
  • Improved bike connection between the Burke Gilman Trail and The Mountaineers at NE 77th St
  • Speed limit reduction from 40 MPH to 30 MPH between Princeton Ave NE and NE 74th St
  • Improved signal timing for pedestrians at NE 74th St, NE 70th St, NE 65th St, and Princeton Ave NE.

Improvements after work on SPW and NE 95th St, The Mountaineers, NE NOAA Drive, and NE 123rd St

We are working with our Vision Zero and Sidewalk Development programs to make sure future improvements (listed above and shown in the map below) contribute to a safer, more comfortable space for all travelers. 

We will continue to inform neighbors about the status of the project and construction activities along the corridor. Please sign up for our project mailing list and/or keep checking our website for the latest updates. 

Project Outreach*


Community members applied for a Your Voice, Your Choice grant. The grant was used to fund a consultant study suggesting potential improvements for Sand Point Way NE.


On January 25, initial findings from the consultant study were shared at a public meeting.

SDOT reviewed findings from the consultant study.


Initial outreach to inform project priorities and scope

Outreach and design continues through 2018.


Continue outreach and project design.

Completed construction at NE 77th St, NOAA Dr, NE 95th St, and NE 123rd St. 


Continue outreach to inform nearby residents, organizations, and park visitors regarding construction schedule and impacts.

Installed leading pedestrian intervals at four intersections and a new marked crosswalk at NE 77th St.

Begin construction of a new crosswalk at NE 77th St, a new curb bulb at NE 70th St, sidewalks between NE 70th and NE 77th St, and intersection modifications at NE 74th St. 

*Subject to change

Project Funding

The initial study for this project was funded through Neighborhood Parks and Streets Fund, a program where community members can apply for small-scale improvements to streets and parks. Learn more about NPSF. In 2017, NPSF transformed into the Your Voice, Your Choice: Parks & Streets program.

The project is funded by the Levy to Move Seattle, a 9-year $930 million levy approved by voters in 2015.


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