Permit Counter Temporary Closures

To protect the health and safety of our staff and customers, and to help mitigate the impact of COVID-19, we closed our public-facing customer service counters on Monday, March 16, 2020. Our counters remain closed until further notice. This includes both the Street Use and the Traffic and Parking permit counters at the Seattle Municipal Tower on floors 23 and 37. We are still processing permit applications.

You can submit applications for all permit types online through the Seattle Services Portal.

Our staff will be available to provide application coaching and assist with issuing permits by phone or e-mail. Learn more about how on-street parking is being managed at this time.

Parking and Traffic Permits

We issue permits for oversized and/or overweight vehicles to use Seattle streets in addition to issuing on-street parking permits.

Construction Use, Major Development, Street Improvement, and Utility Work in the Right-of-Way Permits

We issue a number of different types of permits for activities that impact mobility on Seattle's sidewalks and streets.

Long Term Structures and Uses in Public-Right-of-Way Permits

For structures that will occupy the public right-of-way ROW for longer periods of time.

Business Enhancement permits

We issue permits for food trucks, sidewalk merchandise displays, sidewalk cafés, and other uses of the right-of-way that can enhance a business.

Neighborhood and Community Permits

We encourage using Seattle's streets and sidewalks to make our communities and neighborhoods vibrant. 

Planning, Review, and Inspections Services

Our teams coordinate and inspect activities in the right-of-way and collaborate with the Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections to streamline the permitting process.

Permitting Tools and Resources

To help you with the permitting process, we've created a number of tools and other resources.