Applicant Guides

Status Inquiries

On November 7, 2020, we'll be migrating to our new permitting platform Accela. In order to achieve a smooth transition, our teams will be taking part in extensive training in the new system throughout the remainder of September and October.

During this time, we'll still be processing permits, but we'll be operating at reduced capacity. Since our primary concern is processing permits in a timely fashion, we will be unable to respond to status inquiries during this time if the application is within the published issuance timeframe posted on our permit webpages. We appreciate your patience during this transition.  

The "Targeted For" dates you see on the record do not reflect our actual permit timelines. For more information on how to estimate Street Use permit timelines, visit our Street Use Permitting Timelines and Updates website.

Applicant Guides are resources for permit applicants that provide detailed information related to permitting requirements and processes. Applicant Guides should not be used as a substitute for the Seattle Municipal Code (SMC) or Director's Rules. The applicant is responsible for complying with all SMC and rule requirements, whether or not it is described in an Applicant Guide. Visit our Codes, Rules & Tools page for reference links. You can access the SMC online