South Park Healthy Street

Updated July 18, 2024

What's Happening Now?

We are excited to announce that we will start installing the permanent South Park Healthy Street as soon as early August!

A big thank you to all the neighbors who requested planters for signs in the intersections near their homes. We have been reaching out to confirm locations and complete signed maintenance agreements.

In case you missed it, SDOT can install planters at Healthy Street intersections when neighbors agree to be responsible for maintaining the planter after installation. For more information about adopting planters and planter maintenance, visit the Healthy Street Planters webpage.

Unauthorized on-street parking located within 20ft of the intersection will be removed for new installation. Urban Forestry will be trimming trees around the new signs once the permanent installation is complete.

Typical construction hours are weekdays, 7 AM to 5 PM, and include weekend work. Other expected construction impacts may include:

  • Noise, vibration, dust, and debris
  • Construction staging and parking impacts near the work sites
  • “No Parking” areas and other parking impacts
  • Crosswalk and sidewalk closures, and detours for people walking and biking
  • Changes in construction schedule due to weather, etc.

Example Healthy Street intersection diagram and picture of planter sign bases on Greenwood Healthy Street

Left: Diagram showing the possible placement locations for planters at each Healthy Street intersection. Planters would be placed at the blue dots, if requested by neighbors.
Right: Planter sign bases on the Greenwood Healthy Street.

Project Map

South Park Healthy Street map

In addition to the Healthy Street, there are future improvements also coming to this area, including future South Park Neighborhood Greenway Connections (shown in dashed green) and the Future South Park-Georgetown Connection Trail (shown in orange).


2023 South Park Evaluation


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