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*SDOT provides web maps as a public service intended for informational purposes only. You may find construction projects, traffic or other signage that have caused conditions to differ from the guidance provided on these maps. Drivers should always comply with signage and regulations installed and posted within the public right-of-way. SDOT is not responsible for any violations of law committed in reliance on these maps.


Seattle data map services

SDOT has many parking and curbspace data sets available for download at the Seattle GIS Open Data Portal:

  • Parking Pay Stations
    • Kiosk locations, rates, hours of operation, and max stay.
  • SDOT Traffic Signs
    • All SDOT traffic and parking signs (~200,000), with sign type, location, and text. Search for R-7 and R-8 in Sign Type for parking signs.
  • Public Parking Lots
    • All known public parking lots and garages within City boundaries where there is a charge for parking.
  • Peak Hour Restrictions
    • Identifies blockfaces where vehicles are not permitted to stop or park during specific time periods in the morning and/or afternoon.
  • Blockface
    • Displays the type of curbspace along all blockfaces (sides of streets).
    • Identifies the elements of the block, such as peak hour restrictions, parking rates, and hours, Restricted Parking Zone (RPZ) number, and the type of curbspace along the blockface.

Annual Parking Study data

Access data sets from our Annual Parking Study.

Paid parking transactions data

SDOT extracts and publishes data from our paid parking system:

  • Paid occupancy data - estimates payment rate on each blockface by minute (data from 2012-present) - please note this is a very large data set and is broken down by year. You can find the last 30 days of data here. Search for each year (2012-2019 and current year to date).
  • Paid transactions - Available from above data set. Use "Paid Occupancy" column which is the number of transactions that have paid at the date/time on the blockface indicated.  
  • Paid parking blockface space inventory - this is a PDF document with instructions for the web service that provides the paid parking space inventory and related hours of operations. Click here to download the web service document. 

Check out this blog post about the exciting parking data release!


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