Ride Now

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What are Ride Now vouchers?

Get an accessible, affordable ride when you want it, no reservations required.

Adults 65+, people with disabilities, and caregivers who travel with eligible riders can claim up to 6 free $20 vouchers per month for use on Yellow Cab, Uber, or Lyft rides to or from transit stations like bus stops and Link light rail, or to other nearby destinations not well served by transit, like a park or a relative's house. These $20 vouchers should fully cover most trips up to 3 miles. All rides must begin or end within Seattle city limits.

Due to high demand, the Ride Now pilot program has been extended through June 2022. Qualifying individuals may choose to receive paper or digital vouchers to use through a participating service. Each set of vouchers requested will expire at the end of each month (March, April, May, and June 2022), and new vouchers may be requested until June 3, 2022. Ride vouchers will no longer be accepted after June 30, 2022. Vouchers are only available while supplies last.

For additional information about the Ride Now program and how this mobility on demand service might help you or someone you know in a language you prefer, please call us at (206) 684-7623 (ROAD) or e-mail us at RideNow@seattle.gov. Interpretation services are available for free.

Click here for an informational flyer.