RapidRide H Line - Delridge Way SW

Updated January 22, 2024

Service launched on the RapidRide H Line in March 2023, the seventh RapidRide line in the region. The transit improvements span 12 miles from downtown Seattle to Burien, benefiting thousands of riders every day. The project was accomplished through a partnership of King County, the City of Burien, and the City of Seattle, with significant funding from the Levy to Move Seattle.

RapidRide H replaced Route 120, which carried 6,000 passengers each weekday and a total of 1.7 million people in 2022. RapidRide H improves the frequency of transit service from downtown Seattle through the Delridge neighborhood to White Center and the Burien Transit Center. It improves service by offering riders real-time information signs, convenient off-board and all-door ORCA payment, and 10-minute service operating most of the day. 

Community input helped to determine routing, stop locations, station amenities, and safety and access improvements.  

As you travel along Delridge Way SW, you will see: 

  • Bus lanes that enable buses to pass other traffic, particularly during peak commuting hours. 
    Traffic signal upgrades, including a bus priority signal, to allow buses to move to the front of traffic at red lights.
  • New traffic signals to improve safety for people walking, rolling, and biking.
  • Crosswalk improvements, a new protected bike lane, and upgraded Neighborhood Greenway connections.
  • New curbs and curb ramps along Delridge Way SW to meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards, creating a more accessible corridor.
  • Repaved streets to ensure a smooth, reliable trip for buses and people driving.
  • Medians with landscaping and vegetation, including a new irrigation system to help reduce maintenance and keep plants in good health.
  • More than 150 new trees planted along the corridor.
  • Water and sewer system upgrades.
  • Lighting and electric distribution system upgrades. 



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