Parking Regulations

72-hour rule

Seattle does not allow a vehicle to be parked on a city street for longer than 72 hours

Angled Parking

Indicates where vehicles park at an angle to the curb, either head-in or back-in

Carshare Zones

Some parking spaces are designated for car sharing vehicles. A specific operator is permitted to use each marked space. [...]

Curb Colors

Explanations for the meanings of different colored curbs

Curb Use Priorities

Flex Zone/Curb Use Priorities in Seattle

Disabled Parking

How to use a disabled parking permit or request a disabled parking sign in Seattle

Driveway Markings

No parking in front of or within 5 feet of the edge of a driveway or alley

Food Truck Zones

Signs indicate the days/times when only permitted food trucks are allowed, others may be ticketed or impounded

Load Zones

Load zones provide areas solely for loading and unloading people and goods

Motorcycle & Scooter Parking

Motorcycles must obey posted regulations on the block where they park, even in designated spaces

No Parking or No Stops

Signs indicate an area where parking or stopping is not allowed, sometimes by time of day, or in advance of a stop sign [...]

Paid Parking Signs

Signs indicate payment required with maximum time and payment hours posted

Parking Enforcement

SPD is responsible for patrolling the entire city limits and enforcing all parking regulations and parking violations on [...]

Parking Tickets

Payment options and information on parking tickets

Peak Parking Restrictions

Signs indicate times when parking or stopping are not allowed during morning and afternoon commute times

Shuttle Bus Loading Permits

A shuttle bus zone is designated with a specific sign and white paint on the curb.

Taxi Zone

Sign indicates a space to be used only by taxis

Temporary No Parking Zones

Temporary No Parking Zones are set up to restrict regular parking and provide curb space for purposes such as [...]

Time Limited Parking Signs

Shows the maximum amount of time allowed to park in an area

Tow Away Zones

Signs indicate that no parking or stopping, even temporarily, is allowed, and vehicles are subject to immediate removal [...]


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