Delridge and Highland Park Healthy Street

Updated December 1, 2023

What's Happening Now?

We are continuing to conduct outreach and an evaluation based on community use trends and public feedback to determine if the Delridge and Highland Park Healthy Street should become permanent. We expect to conclude this process and announce a decision soon. Please sign up for email updates to be notified when a decision is announced.  

Upgraded Temporary Sign Bases

This winter, we'll be upgrading the temporary sign bases at key intersections along the Delridge and Highland Park Healthy Street to more durable concrete cylinders. The existing temporary signage has not been durable enough to withstand winter traffic conditions and as a result, our crews were overwhelmed last year with numerous daily requests to repair and replace signage around the city. These temporary sign bases will be upgraded to permanent signage if the Healthy Street becomes permanent, or removed if this Healthy Street is returned to a Neighborhood Greenway. 

Upgraded Temporary Sign base

Example of temporary sign bases from the Central District Healthy Street. 

About this project 

We introduced Healthy Streets during the pandemic in 2020 as a way for Seattleites to get outside safely and stay active in local neighborhoods throughout the city. Healthy Streets are open for people walking, rolling, biking, and playing, and closed to pass-through traffic. 

We’re updating our Healthy Streets across Seattle based on the trends we’ve seen in terms of community use and public feedback. Our next steps will be:

  • Make some locations permanent Healthy Streets
  • Return some locations to neighborhood greenways, which they were prior to the pandemic
  • Further review some Healthy Streets and conduct more outreach to determine next steps.
  • These locations will remain Healthy Streets until further notice.  

With the West Seattle Bridge reopened, we’re collecting new traffic data and having further conversations with the community about this Healthy Street and the existing Neighborhood Greenway, which first opened in 2017.   

Project Map

Delridge Highland park


Summer/Fall 2023: Collect community input on proposed permanent route and permanent features of the Delridge and Highland Park Healthy Street.


Delridge-Highland Park Stay Healthy Street Data Summary, December 10, 2021 (PDF)

West Seattle Bike Connections presentation, November 2, 2021 (PDF)

Highland Park Action Coalition presentation, October 27, 2021 (PDF)

Proposed permanent Delridge-Highland Park Stay Healthy Street Route (PDF)

Potential intersection features (bike racks, street painting, more signs, cement blocks - circlesplanters, cement blocks - rectangle)

Map of potential removal on 21st Ave SW - June 2021 (English; Spanish; Vietnamese; Somali)

Map of potential removal on SW Trenton St - June 2021 (English; Spanish; Vietnamese)

Updated map of Delridge and Highland Park Stay Healthy Street - April 2021 (PDF)

Data collection for Delridge and Highland Park Stay Healthy Street (Presentation - PDF)

Delridge and Highland Park Neighborhoods: SW Trenton St (flyer - English; flyer - Spanish)

Delridge and Highland Park Neighborhoods: 21st Ave SW (mailer 

Information in additional languages

Obtenga más información acerca del programa Stay Healthy Street (calle para mantenerse saludable) y cuéntenos su experiencia llamando al 1 (206) 727-3565 " target="_blank" rel="noopener">(206) 727-3565. Los servicios de interpretación son gratuitos para la persona que realiza la llamada. 
Tìm hiểu thêm về Chương Trình Stay Healthy Street (Đường/Phố Vì Sức Khỏe) và chia sẻ trải nghiệm của quý vị với chúng tôi bằng cách gọi đến số 1 (206) 727-3565" target="_blank" rel="noopener">(206) 727-3565. Chúng tôi có dịch vụ thông dịch miễn phí cho người gọi. 
Ogow wax badan oo ku saabsan Stay Healthy Street Program (Barnaamijka Jidka Caafimaad Qabka) oo noo sheeg khibradaada adoo wacaya 1 (206) 727-3565" target="_blank" rel="noopener">(206) 727-3565. Adeegyada tarjumaaddu waa u lacag la'aan qofka wacaya. 


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