Updated May 18, 2021

What's happening now?

Thank you for providing comments on proposed parking changes in the Roosevelt Neighborhood. SDOT is currently reviewing all comments and developing a final plan. Stay tuned for future updates!

On April 29th, SDOT held a public hearing regarding Restricted Parking Zone 19 in Roosevelt

Thank you to everyone who attended our public hearing regarding the proposed changes and expansion to the RPZ in Roosevelt. 

To download a PDF of the presentation click here.

To watch a recording of the hearing click here.

In September 2021, the Roosevelt Link Light Rail Station will open. Before the station opens, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) is proposing to update curb parking regulations for the surrounding area to ensure people who live, work, and visit can reliably access the neighborhood and future station. SDOT studied streets around the station and is proposing updates to some on-street parking in the area. 


Note: maps have been updated April 26, 2021 to correct errors.

To ensure the station and neighborhood are accessible while discouraging all-day commuter parking in residential and commercial areas around the station, SDOT is proposing the following changes which are shown on the map below.

• Expand Restricted Parking Zone (RPZ) 19 to approximately a half-mile area around the station. 

• Add paid parking to the east side of 12th Avenue NE just north of NE 65th Street.  

• Changes will be made to bus stops that will affect on-street parking.  

• Existing loading zones will be reviewed and maintained unless otherwise notified. If you would like to request a new loading zone, please contact

Map of overall parking changes in Roosevelt RPZ 19

To view the latest mailer, click here. Note that the mailer you may have received referenced the RPZ being in effect Monday-Saturday, but has been corrected to reflect current Zone 19 hours, Monday-Friday.

Restriced Parking Zone 19 Changes are highlighted below: 

Map of RPZ chnages in Roosevelt Zone 19

Regulations on any newly-added Zone 19 blocks will match those on existing Zone 19 blocks, allowing up to 2 hours of parking for non-permit holders, Monday - Friday, 7 am - 7 pm. Residents who wish to park on-street for longer than 2 hours will need to purchase a permit. Before Zone 19 signs are installed, residents will receive information about how to apply for permits. Residents may receive up to 4 decal permits which are not transferable between vehicles and 1 guest permit per household which can be transferred. Permits generally cost $65 for a two-year cycle. Income-qualified permits are available for $10 each.