Perkins Lane W Retaining Wall Mitigation Project

Updated: October 19, 2023

What's Happening Now!

We are working towards 100% design of the project and will be reaching out to the community to share the plans in the fall.


In coordination with Seattle CIty Light and Seattle Public Utilities, we're mitigating against landslides by constructing an approximately 180 feet long, soldier pile wall along the bottom of the slope on the east side of Perkins Ln W. 

THe soldier pile design has been selected to avoid the need for excavation into the slope and follows recent designs implemented during the landslide mitigation work along Rainier Ave S

Project Area

 Map showing position of wall at 2800 Perkins Lane W


SDOT maintains almost 600 retaining walls, most protecting public streets. The average height is 6 feet, and if all the retaining walls and seawalls were lined up end to end, they would extend for 21 miles.


Timeline showing we are in final designDesign (Completion fall 2023): We’ll collaborate with stakeholders and community members to develop a more detailed final design.   
Construction (as soon as 2024): We will construct the project and keep the community informed on the latest construction updates, schedule, and expected impacts.   

Anticipated Construction Impacts

General construction impacts will include noise, dust, vibration, lane restrictions, and potential detours for people walking, biking, and driving.


The project is funded through the City's Landslide Hazard Mitigation Program and managed by SDOT's Street Use division.



Greg Spotts, Director
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