Oversight Committee

Upcoming meeting

October 5, 2021, 5:00-7:00 PM

Virtual meeting - see agenda for details. 

Next meeting: November 9, 2021, 5:00-7:00 PM

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The Levy Oversight Committee will typically meet first Tuesdays of the month in 2021. All Levy Oversight Committee meetings are open to the public. We make every effort to post meeting materials in advance of committee meetings.

Meeting materials

October 5, 2021Agenda, Budget Presentation, Levy Portfolio Update Presentation
September 7, 2021Agenda, Vision Zero Presentation, Q2 Report Update, Levy Portfolio Update
August 3, 2021Agenda, Presentation - Neighborhood Street Fund, Neighborhood Street Fund Memo, Presentation - Equity Update, Presentation - 2021 Q2 Levy Report
June 1, 2021Agenda, Presentation - Madison BRT, Levy Portfolio Update Presentation, Urban Forestry Presentation
May 4, 2021Updated Agenda, MinutesPresentation, 2021 Q1 Levy Report, 2021 Q1 Levy Report Presentation
April 6, 2021Agenda, Presentation - Annual Report, Presentation - Transportation Equity Framework, 2020 Annual Report
March 2, 2021Agenda, Presentation, 2021 Levy Delivery Plan
February 2, 2021Agenda, Minutes
December 1, 2020 Agenda, Presentation, MinutesCOVID-19 Impact Assessment: Levy to Move Seattle draft report, Stay Healthy Streets memo, Bridge Seismic memo
November 10, 2020 Agenda
October 6, 2020 Agenda, Budget Presentation, MinutesCOVID Levy Assessment presentationLevy Oversight Committee letter - 2021 budget
September 1, 2020 Agenda, Presentation, Minutes
August 11, 2020 Agenda, Presentation, Minutes2020 Project Pause List Notification, 2020 Q2 Levy Report
June 2, 2020 Agenda, MinutesMemo: Levy prioritization methodology and draft factorsLevy Oversight Committee letter - levy prioritization
May 5, 2020 Agenda, Presentation, Minutes, 2020 Q1 Levy Report, Memo: Vision Zero program speed limit sign metrics
April 7, 2020 Agenda, Presentation, Minutes, 2019 Annual Levy Report 
March 3, 2020 Agenda, Presentation, Minutes2020 Planned Accomplishments and Spend Plan, Oversight Committee 2019 Reflection Letter
February 4, 2020 Agenda, Presentation, Minutes


December 3, 2019 Agenda, Minutes
November 12, 2019 Agenda, Presentation, Minutes2019 Q3 Levy Report, Briefing paper: Project delivery challenges, signal pole timelines
October 1, 2019 Agenda, Presentation, MinutesOversight Committee response to 2020 Budget
August 6, 2019 Agenda, Presentation, Minutes2019 Q2 Levy Report, Briefing paper: Funding reallocations, Briefing paper: Accessible Mt Baker
June 4, 2019 Agenda, Presentation, Minutes, Briefing Paper: 39th Ave E/E Pine St pedestrian bridge (Levy program #14)
May 7, 2019 Agenda, Presentation, Minutes2019 Q1 Levy Report, Oversight Committee response to 2019 BMP Implementation Plan
April 2, 2019 Agenda, Presentation, Minutes2018 Annual Levy Report
March 5, 2019 Agenda, Presentation, Minutes2019 Planned Accomplishments, Oversight Committee 2018 Reflection Letter
February 20, 2019 Agenda, Presentation, MinutesHandout
November 29, 2018 Agenda, Presentation, MinutesQ3 2018 Levy Report, Workplan Report
October 4, 2018 Agenda, Presentation, Minutes
August 23, 2018 Agenda, Presentation, Minutes, 2018 Q2 Levy Report, Oversight Committee Recommendations Letter
August 2, 2018 Agenda, Presentation, Minutes
June 21, 2018 Agenda, Presentation, Minutes
June 7, 2018 Agenda, Presentation, Minutes
May 24, 2018 AgendaPresentationMinutesWork Plan Update - Sub-Program Data, 2018 Q1 Finance Report
April 24, 2018 Agenda, Presentation, Minutes, Levy Workplan Assessment Report
February 22, 2018 Agenda, PresentationMinutesOversight Committee Finance Summary 
January 25, 2018 Agenda, Presentation, Minutes
November 30, 2017 Agenda, Presentation, Minutes
October 26, 2017 Agenda, Budget Presentation, Minutes, Committee Budget Letter
July 27, 2017 Agenda, Presentation, Minutes
April 27, 2017 Agenda, Levy Finance PresentationMinutes2017 Q1 Finance Report
March 23, 2017 Agenda, 2016 Accomplishments Handout, New Sidewalk Presentation, Rapid Ride Presentation, Vision Zero Presentation, Minutes
November 17, 2016 Agenda, Materials, Minutes
October 20, 2016 Agenda, Minutes
September 22, 2016 Agenda, Minutes
August 25, 2016 Agenda, Presentation, Neighborhood Street Fund Applications
July 28, 2016 Agenda, Presentation, Minutes
May 19, 2016 Agenda, Presentation, Minutes


The Levy to Move Seattle Oversight Committee will serve as a vital mechanism of accountability on how levy revenues are spent. The Oversight Committee is an advisory body that monitors revenues, expenditures, and program and project implementation. The Oversight Committee advises the City Council, the Mayor, and SDOT on responding to program and project cost savings or overruns. The Oversight Committee review's SDOT's program and project priorities and financial plans, and makes recommendations to the Mayor and City Council regarding the spending of levy proceeds. The Oversight Committee will publish annual reports to the Mayor, City Council and people of Seattle.

Committee members

The Oversight Committee consists of 16 members:

  • The Chair of the Transportation Committee
  • The City Budget Director
  • One representative each chosen by and from among the respective members of the Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board, the Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board, the Seattle Transit Advisory Board and the Seattle Freight Advisory Board
  • Five Seattle residents appointed by the City Council
  • Five Seattle residents appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council
NameAppointing authority
Rachel Ben-Shmuel, Co-chair
Vacant Freight Advisory Board
Lisa Bogardus Mayor
Vicky Clarke Council
Samuel Ferrara, Co-chair Mayor
Dennis Gathard Council
Joseph Laubach Council
Inga Manskopf, Vice Chair Council
Ron Posthuma Mayor
Jen Malley-Crawford Transit Advisory Board
Jennifer Lehman Pedestrian Advisory Board
Hester Serebrin Mayor
Patrick Taylor Bicycle Advisory Board
Kevin Werner, Secretary Council
Councilmember Alex Pedersen
Budget Director Ben Noble

Levy Oversight Committee Responsibilities, Policies, and Procedures - Adopted April 2017