Ballard Brewery District Community Access and Parking Project

What's Happening Now?

We are in the planning phase of this project. Currently, we are talking with area businesses to learn more about their parking and loading needs. We want to hear from businesses in the Ballard Brewery District area to learn more about business parking and loading needs. If your business is located in the project area, please take our survey. 

Updated April 6, 2024

Project Overview

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) is working with businesses to improve parking, loading, and access in the Ballard Brewery District.  In this growing and busy area, there is high demand for parking and loading space. Average parking occupancy in the Ballard Brewery District is over 90 percent for most of the day. SDOT's goal for parking occupancy rate is 70-85%.  This range means that parking is well-utilized and there are 1-2 open spaces per block.  Delivery drivers and customers and visitors who drive all need reliable access to businesses in the area.  SDOT is developing a curbspace management plan to make it easier to park and make deliveries in the Ballard Brewery District.  

The goals of the project are to:

  • Help customers and visitors find parking near their destinations 
  • Improve parking availability with increased parking turnover 
  • Reduce congestion caused by people looking for parking 
  • Make it easier for delivery drivers to find space near pick-up and drop-off locations  
  • Improve access for drivers with limited mobility  
  • Better serve the diverse needs and activities along the curb 
  • Introduce businesses to programs that expand employee and visitor transportation options  

The Ballard Brewery District curbspace management plan may include improvements like:

  • Spaces for deliveries and passenger loading
  • Paid parking
  • Time-limited parking
  • Parking spaces for people with disabilities
  • Spaces for food trucks 

Project Map

Ballard Brewery District Community Access and Parking Project

SDOT will consider curbside management improvements in the area from NW 53rd St to Leary Way NW between 15th Ave NW and 8th Ave NW.  See below project area map, which shows the area in which SDOT is considering curbside management improvements.

A map showing 15th Ave NW, 14th Ave NW, 11th Ave NW, 9th Ave NW, 8th Ave NW, and crossed by NW Leary Way, NW 53rd St

Project Schedule

  • Spring 2024: Outreach to businesses
  • Summer 2024: Develop and share draft curbspace management plan
  • Fall 2024: Finalize curbspace management plan and install improvements 

Is your business located in the project area? Share your input! 

SDOT is currently reaching out to businesses in the neighborhood to get their feedback on their parking and loading needs. If your business is located in the project area, please take our survey to share your input on how we can improve parking and loading access in the area.

What's Next? 

We are collecting feedback from area businesses this spring. We will incorporate early feedback from businesses and parking study data to develop a draft curbspace management plan. The draft plan may include new commercial and passenger load zones, paid parking, time-limited parking, spaces for food trucks, disabled parking, and other changes along the curb. Our goal is to share the draft plan in the summer for comments and further input.  Improvements would be implemented in fall 2024.
If you would like to schedule a meeting to discuss the project, please contact  or call (206) 684-7229

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Project Documents

Mailer – April 2024
Project Factsheet – April 2024


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