Right of Way Improvement Manual

Right of Way Improvement Manual (Streets Illustrated)

The Right of Way Improvement Manual is the primary info portal for designers, contractors, and others working in the right of way. The updated manual - Streets Illustrated - will incorporate best practice in street design.

Traffic Control Manual

Traffic Control Manual

Engineers, construction inspectors, crew chiefs, safety staff, contractors, and the public provided input for this manual. It provides information and guidance on safely working in the roadway.

Street Tree Manual

Street Tree Manual

Trees are a key part of what makes Seattle a great place to live. This manual includes information about tree planting, maintenance, protection and preservation that is required and recommended.

Right of Way Opening and Restoration Rule cover

Right of Way Opening and Restoration Rule

The Right-of-Way Opening and Restoration Rule (ROWORR), implemented January 1, 2017, describes requirements anyone impacting Seattle public right-of-way space must meet when making and restoring openings. The ROWORR updates and replaces the old Pavement Opening and Restoration Rule (PORR) with:

  • Changes to the final restoration timeframes
  • Clearer ADA guidance
  • Restoration requirements for Green Stormwater Infrastructure
  • New requirements during the pavement moratorium period
  • Changes to pavement restoration requirements