Annual Reports – 2020 Seattle Transit Measure

Year 1 Annual Report

The first annual report under the renewed 2020 Seattle Transit Measure (which replaced the 2014 Seattle Transportation Benefit District Proposition 1) covers the period from July 2020 to December 2021. This 18-month period includes the final six months of the expire measure and the first full year of the renewed measure. Future reports will align with the calendar year (January to December).

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STM by the numbers, year one.

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The above graphic summarizes Seattle Transit Measure (STM) accomplishments and activities during the current reporting period (July 2020 to December 2021). Of the revenue collected and projected to be collected under the program, about 63% will support transit service investments, and the remaining will support emerging mobility needs, the Transportation Access Program, and small-scale capital improvements. Service investments primarily support delivery of the Frequent Transit Network, which is currently 96% complete. These investments are spread across the city, providing nearly every neighborhood with improved transit services throughout the day and week.

The Transportation Access Program supports over 20,000 fully-funded ORCA cards to youth, seniors, low-income households, and essential workers throughout Seattle. These cards are used for over 1.7 million transit rides annually, saving participants over $4.1 million in total.

STM also supports small-scale capital projects, including ten projects delivered during the reporting period to improve transit operations and rider experience on 14 routes throughout Seattle.


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