Alki Keep Moving Street

Updated September 24, 2021

What's Happening Now?

We're seeking your input! We're looking for public feedback on a permanent design for the Alki Point Keep Moving Street. We'd like to know how you currently use Alki Point, what's working and what's not, and how you would like to see Alki Point function in the future.

Please take a few minutes to fill out our survey:

In the coming weeks we'll be meeting with stakeholders and community groups to expand our public engagement efforts. Keep an eye on this page for project updates. We currently have funding for outreach and early design on this project and we're working to secure funding for construction.

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About this project 

Alki Point is a regional destination park and marine reserve habitat, as well a destination for many popular outdoor activities like kayaking and paddle boarding, whale watching, exploring the low tides, and taking in views of the sunset and mountain range.   

In May 2020, we implemented a "Keep Moving Street" on Beach Drive SW and Alki Avenue SW from the north end of 63rd Ave SW to the south end of 63rd Ave SW. A map of the Keep Moving Street is shown below.

A map of the Alki Point Stay Healthy Street

About Keep Moving Streets

Keep Moving Streets were opened in coordination with the Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation as part of the City of Seattle's COVID-19 response. They are located adjacent to parks and popular outdoor destinations, like Constellation Park on Alki Point, and were part of the City of Seattle's response to support social distancing and safer ways for getting to popular destinations.

Keep Moving Streets are open for people walking, rolling, biking, and playing and closed to pass through traffic. The goal is to open up more space for people rather than cars as a way to provide more space for people to get outside adjacent to parks and to improve community and individual health.

  • People driving who need to get to homes and destinations along Keep Moving Streets are still able to drive on these streets. Drivers should use extra caution and yield to people.

  • People enjoying the street should be mindful of drivers trying to get to homes and destinations as well.

The Alki Keep Moving Street is different than Stay Healthy Streets, which were installed on existing Neighborhood Greenways. For a street to become a Neighborhood Greenway, it would have previously been through a public input process to prioritize the street for people biking, walking, and rolling, and have features like speed humps, pedestrian crossing signals, and directional signs. 

While other Keep Moving Streets were installed on busy arterial streets, Alki Point is a neighborhood street that is shown in the Bike Master Plan as a future route for a Neighborhood Greenway. Therefore, we are listening to the public support for permanent changes in this location and will be launching an outreach process.

Community Outreach

Since the Alki Point Keep Moving Street opened, we have heard from many residents that they would like to see it stay in some form to keep providing space for people to walk, bike, roll, and play. Data shows us the Alki Keep Moving Street also has the highest usage among any Keep Moving Street or Stay Healthy Street.

We are beginning an extensive outreach process to hear from more voices, learn what the community thinks of this Keep Moving Street as it is today, and understand what the community wants the street to look like in the future. More details will be available on this page in coming weeks as we develop options for what the future could look like for this Keep Moving Street.   


May 2020: Alki Point Keep Moving Street installed

Summer 2020 through Spring 2021: Observation and evaluation

Summer 2021: Hear from the community to learn what people think of this Keep Moving Street as it is today, and understand what the community wants the street to look like in the future

Fall 2021: Permanent design survey. Outreach and engagement


This project is currently funded for community outreach and engagement. Funding for final design and permanent installation has not yet been identified. As we're hearing from the community, we're also working to secure this funding.