Creating and Expanding RPZs

Want to expand an existing RPZ to your block?

If you live on a block that’s just outside an existing Restricted Parking Zone (RPZ), you may request to expand an RPZ to your block if it is adjacent to the RPZ and if:

  • Your block is in the area qualified for expansion
  • At least 75% of the spaces on your block are full, and
  • 60% or more of the households on your block petition to join the RPZ.

We now use an online petition process for single block expansions. For more information on the process of expanding an existing RPZ to a contiguous block, please contact us at

Want to create a new RPZ in your neighborhood? 

If you do not live adjacent to an existing RPZ that can be expanded, you may request a new RPZ for your neighborhood. For a new RPZ to be an appropriate solution to a parking shortage, the area must meet these minimum qualifications:

  • The affected area must be 10 connected blocks or 20 connecting block faces.
    • A block face is one side of a street between two consecutive features on that street (like intersecting roads, open spaces or parks).

A graphic showing an example of what constitutes "one block" situated between two cross streets

  • A “traffic generator” must be identified.*
  • 75% of total parking spaces in the area must be occupied.
  • At least 35% of available parking spaces are occupied by vehicles that do not belong to residents of the neighborhood.

    *A traffic generator is a large institution such as a hospital or university, a business district, or high-capacity transit stop. This generator creates significant daytime demand for long-term parking which spills onto nearby residential streets.

    RPZ Time Frame

    The process of creating an RPZ generally takes up to a year or longer. It also requires broad public support throughout the proposed area for the new zone. The time it takes to create an RPZ can vary significantly depending on staff capacity and local conditions including area size, surrounding land use, and community commitment.