Current Volunteer Opportunities

Help us build and maintain our forest lands, improve our shorelines, keep our parks healthy and join rewarding recreation projects that give back to your community! 

Volunteer Calendar

Check out our Calendar for current volunteer opportunities in parks - via our Green Seattle Partnership and other community groups.

Neighborhood Parks

We have well over 400 neighborhood parks, and our gardeners and landscapers sometimes need extra hands. Watch this space for announcements about future projects you can help with! Bring your neighbors together and have fun supporting one of our projects, including weeding shrub beds, mulching trees, ballfield support, play area maintenance, and invasive removal of "bully weeds."  


We have opportunities to volunteer at 26 Community Centers, in citywide athletics programs, LGBTQ+ programs, middle school and elementary school Community Learning Centers, teen programs, special events and more -  Look to see what's available

Small and Large Group Projects

The project below is available for participating. If you have something else in mind, please contact to inquire about starting a new project. 

  • Dr. Jose Rizal Park - We have multiple projects from which you can choose: forest restoration, trails, apple orchard restoration. You will develop a plan, possibly fundraise and then carry out the project. We will provide direction, some tools and materials list. Contact Craig Thompson, Forest Steward

Environmental Education

Share your passion for nature, our urban environment, provide hands on learning experiences and share your knowledge with others. See what opportunities are open now.

Park Inspections

The Park Volunteer Inspection program invites community members to assist Seattle Parks and Recreation in regularly surveying our parks in a systematic and transparent way. Park Inspection Volunteers will be working with our parks resources staff to be trained in park inspection, and carryout out inspections of our city's parks.  

Court Ordered Community Service

You can fulfill your court ordered community service by attending events on the volunteer calendar. Bring the letter from the court to use as a sign-in sheet for each event and obtain a site lead signature. If you don't have the letter you can download an individual sign-in sheet for the site lead to sign as proof of volunteer hours. Please note that Seattle Parks and Recreation does not write completion letters to local courts.

Parks and Recreation

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