Eddie Vine Boat Ramp


Eddie Vine is Seattle's northernmost saltwater boat ramp lying between Golden Gardens park and the Shilshole Marina. Located in Ballard on the north end of Marine Area 10, Eddie Vine is the closest water access to the northern Marine Areas and Marine Area 12. Eddie Vine is a favorite ramp for many northwest anglers because it is protected by the continuation of Shilshole Marina's breakwater and it is close to popular fishing locations.

Eddie Vine Boat Ramp was named in honor of Edward J. Vine (1892-1957), a sportsman and state leader in salmon conservation. Mr. Vine, owner of Vine's Pen and Card Shop, was the chairman of the Washington State Sportsman Council and was a secretary of the King County Outdoor Sports Council. Eddie Vine was also notable for his participation in many charity events. He also taught saltwater fishing at the Y.M.C.A.'s hobby school.

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