Cayton Corner Park

Updated: September 22, 2022

Fall 2022

The project is currently on hold. Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) is working on contracting directly with the design consultant to resume completion of the design phase. 90% design will begin in fall 2022 with anticipation for 100% design completion in early 2023. Bidding and construction will follow when additional funding is approved at the next Seattle Park District funding cycle in end of 2022.

Donations can be made through the Seattle Parks Foundation. The Hearing Speech and Deaf Center is a major partner along with Feet First (a non-profit that supports walkable communities) and Central Co-op.

Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) installed the new sidewalk in April 2018. The sidewalk curves around the tree into the park allowing the tree extra room to be healthy.

New sidewalk at Cayton Corner Park April 2018

A design discussion was held September 12, 2017 and the notes are below

Work in conjunction with SDOT on the Madison Bus Rapid Transit to further improve the right-of-way along Madison and adjacent park features is on-going.


Cayton Corner Park, 1831 E Madison St, 98122


$15,300 Small and Simple Neighborhood Matching Fund (NMF) for schematic design
$25,000 Small and Simple NMF for design development and construction drawings
$51,436 Neighborhood Park and Street Fund
$75,000 NMF for finishing design development and construction drawings


Planning: 2012
Design: 2013 - Early 2023
   Phase I: Use the Neighborhood Park & Street Fund (NPSF) for 19tth Ave sidewalk improvements in early 2018
   Phase II: Use Parks District Fund for construction in 2023 when funding is approved

Project Description

The current development project will add much needed public green space to the busy Madison corridor, link the Central District and Capitol Hill, represent the community through design and the namesake history and beautify what is currently an empty lot.


The intent of initial Opportunity Fund project was to acquire an open space for the neighborhood.

The acquisition was selected for the first round of Parks and Green Spaces Levy Opportunity Funding. The application received in this community-initiated process is a preliminary concept and the final design may be constrained by the project budget. All projects will go through Park’s public involvement procedure which includes public meetings and community input. They will also go through an internal Parks process to ensure the most effective implementation.

Past Work

The consultant and the community group worked with Seattle Parks and Recreation to complete the design development phase. This phase is based on the schematic design. Details such as path grades, dimensions and plant types will be refined. The site has some challenges for the designer. It is steep and is next to E. Madison Street, an arterial.  There is a beautiful large tree that is erupting into the sidewalk; the tree will remain in the project as an anchor design element.

Tree to be preserved at Cayton Corner

This builds upon the $25,000 Neighborhood Matching Fund award received in December 2013 to complete a schematic design for the park. The Friends of (what was then called) 19th and Madison Park used their NMF award to hire J.A. Brennan and Carolyn Law to complete a schematic design and a preliminary cost estimate for the park. This work was completed and the Design Report  attached.

This Parks and Green Spaces Opportunity Fund acquisition is complete. Parks staff completed the acquisition of the 4,500 square foot, triangular-shaped lot. A consortium of neighborhood organizations will work with Seattle Parks on planning, design and construction of the new park.

Community Participation

Public Meeting 9/12/2017

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