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We are committed to partnerships that provide the greatest possible benefit to our public parks, open spaces and facilities, and to the people who use them.

We do business in many forms - contracts, memoranda of agreement, leases, temporary permits and concessions - with a wide variety of providers that include for profit and nonprofit entities that provide recreation services, arts services and food and beverage services. We base decisions about new partners on how well a proposed partner's interests align with our overall mission and on the potential benefit to the public and Seattle Parks and Recreation.

As noted in the Parks Legacy Plan, "Trust, commitment at the highest level, a shared vision, and strong communication are key elements for partnership success. Partnerships must connect to Park's mission and enhance park users' enjoyment, and involve careful attention to quality control, policy development, role definition, and risk-sharing. Doing so requires staff capacity, expertise, and time devoted to partnership development. We are  committed to continuing our rich and dynamic partnerships and to seeking new strategic partnerships throughout the community.

We have a variety of opportunities available through our formal processes. Please visit the menu on this page.
Typically, Parks formally solicits new services and program providers for established partnership relationships, e.g., operation of moorages, operation of golf courses, the Green Lake boat rental, our performing and visual arts centers, and food vending, all of which have been around for quite some time and are open to and accepting of proposals for new ideas and proposals that have not been done before.
A partnership is a working relationship between organizations with compatible values and goals and that results in mutual benefits. It may or may not be subject to a formal written agreement. The partnership may be formed around a single activity or event, or it may be long-term and multi-faceted. Current Opportunities and our Partnerships and Underwriting show what kinds of partnerships we are seeking and what currently successful partnerships look like.

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