Leschi South Marina Wave Attenuator and Facility Improvements

Updated: April 30, 2024

Spring 2024

Project design is currently ongoing with respect to environmental and other permitting and utility requirements. 

Please watch the short video below to learn more about the project: 

This project will remove the existing timber fixed pier and adjacent floating dock, as well as the existing pipe pile breakwater.  Once these facilities are removed, the project will install a large floating breakwater with a boat sewage pump out facility, that will provide transient boat moorage and public access.  Benches will be provided, and a kayak rack will also be included.  In addition, the project will also employ divers to clean up trash on the bottom of the lake under the marina and enhance the shoreline. 


Leschi South Moorage; 100 Lakeside Ave S. 


$7.913 Million 


Upland Utility Work: Fall 2024-Winter 2025 
Marine Construction: Summer 2025 

Project Description

Need: The existing timber dock, supported by creosote treated piles, is nearing the end of its useful life.  Creosote is bad for the environment and should be removed whenever possible.   In addition, the pipe pile breakwater does not protect the marina from wave action.  There is also no public transient moorage or boat sewage pump out in this part of Lake Washington.  The existing dock is not accessible to all ages and abilities. 

Benefit: Removing creosote from the water will benefit the aquatic ecosystem.  Providing a sewage pump out facility will help keep Lake Washington clean.  The new breakwater will protect the marina from damage due to wind and wave action.  The moorage facility will allow the boating community to dock at this location.  Public access, including some seating, will also be provided. 

Community Participation

Community input is ongoing.  Please contract Stephen.Levengood@Seattle.Gov with any questions or concerns regarding this project. 

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