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Ernst Park was named after Ambrose Ernst, known as the "Father of City Playfields," who served on the Board of Park Commissioners from 1906 to 1913, and died in 1931. Ernst, a Fremont resident, was instrumental in implementing Seattle's Olmsted parks plan.

Built on a steep hillside, Ernst Park is comprised of a spiraling path of water-permeable concrete, bordered by artful garden-bed walls that park designer Lynn Thompson created to serve as seating. The path spirals down from N 35th St. to a small amphitheater, and continues down via stairway to N 34th St. The park provides wheelchair access to the community room of the Fremont Library (a Carnegie library) next door. The park also provides pedestrian connections between the library, commercial core, and residential areas. There is enough seating in this small park for 150 to 200 people. The sloped beds are landscaped with barberry and other sustainable native vegetation.

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