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4 a.m. – 11:30 p.m.
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Located at 30th Ave and E Howell St., this spot offers a rolling green lawn and giant evergreen along with a short path in this quiet neighborhood park. This space also has benches and a picnic table, offering peaceful places for rest and an ideal picnic spot.

First acquired in 1970, this park originally was named 30th Ave Mini Park. After development, it was renamed for William Grose in 1983. Grose (1835-1898) was an African-American pioneer. Son of a free black restaurant operator in Washington, D.C., he spent time in the U.S. Navy, then went to California with the gold rush, and finally arrived in Seattle in 1861. He opened a restaurant and hotel on Yesler Way called "Our House." In 1882 he bought 12 acres along E Madison St from Henry Yesler, which became the foundation of the central district African-American community. 

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