Park Use Permits

Due to COVID-19 we are not allowing in-office visits at this time.

A permit is required to reserve a playfield, facility, stage or performing arts area, or to use a park for a gathering. Use permits allow Seattle Parks to prevent conflicts, make necessary preparations such as heating, lighting, etc. and to provide personnel and facilities such as garbage cans and lavatories, and to avoid overuse of facilities.

Note: that a COVID Safety Plan is required 30 days prior to your event. It should include all aspects of the health, touch, social distancing, etc. of your event. If submitting less than 30 days, it is due at time of submission. We are currently following the Governor's Guidelines on phased reopening. 

Complete an online application for a Park Use Permit 

Download our Park Use Application here

Booking Schedule

We schedule on a yearly rolling calendar. Completed applications are accepted for review beginning on the first day of each month. Proposed dates can be up to one year in advance. Have questions? Download our Permit Process document

Example Event Documents

See our Insurance Requirements and Examples for an idea of what we require for insurance coverage and download our Example Site Plan to help guide you with planning and mapping your event. You'll find blank site maps for many of our parks at the link below.

Site Plan Maps

Please visit this link for blank park maps that may help in submitting your application map. This is not a conclusive list and maps can be created in other formats.