Key Accounts for Large Organizations

The needs of our largest customers are often different from those of smaller businesses and residents. Browse our basic services, rates, requirements, guidance, and sustainability information for all businesses, including those with the most substantial accounts. A customer of any account type can use the "Report a Problem" or contact resources on this page.

Seattle Public Utilities' (SPU) largest and most critical customers have what are called "Key Accounts," and these customers have dedicated contacts at SPU. This enhanced service is detailed below.


Key Accounts:

Seattle Public Utilities' Key Services Office offers customer service to our largest and most critical customers. Your account executive will be your one-stop point of contact at SPU, acting as a liaison between various divisions of the utility and your organization. Your account executive will work with you to develop and monitor an individualized account plan tailored to the specific needs of your business. Rather than having to contact our call center and talk with a different customer service agent each time, you will be able to talk with someone at SPU who understands your unique concerns.

Our key account executives:

  • Serve as the primary entry point for your business dealings with SPU.
  • Coordinate service teams to address your utility issues.
  • Focus on what's important to you as a customer.
  • Represent your views on SPU policies and business practices to utility and city leaders.
  • Resolve meter information issues, billing and payment problems, and other service delivery issues.
  • Help you navigate SPU policies, ordinances, regulations, and technical procedures.
  • Connect you to programs and services that may save you money.

If your organization can not retrieve the contact information for your account executive, please call (206) 684-3000. This number can also be used for assistance in establishing new service. For 24/7 reporting of hydrant flooding, water main and sewer leaks, or other emergencies, call (206) 386-1800.


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