RV Wastewater Collection

Do you live in a RV in Seattle and need help with your wastewater?

If so, please call or text us at (206) 641-6991 to get in touch with our team. We look forward to helping you.

Sewage stored in RV blackwater and greywater tanks can spill or leak without proper storage and disposal.  We support personal hygiene, protect water quality and improve public health through our free RV Wastewater Collection monthly service. We focus on assisting people living in RVs with safe and clean wastewater disposal. We partner with St. Vincent De Paul volunteers who offer additional services. We are in different parts of city each week; see our service areas on the map.

Staying connected to our clients is vital to the success of the program.  Please reach out to us via phone or text at (206) 641-6991 to request services, update program staff on your locations, or for additional information.

RV wastewater collection schedule

Thursday, June 1:  Sodo North 
Friday, June 2:  Sodo South 
Monday, June 5:  Lake Union  
Tuesday, June 6:  Ballard West  
Wednesday, June 7: Ballard E and Interbay  
Thursday, June 8:  Northwest Seattle  
Monday, June 12:   Leschi  
Tuesday, June 13:  Northeast Seattle 
Wednesday, June 14:  Rainier Valley  
Thursday, June 15:  Southeast Seattle  
Friday, June 16:  Central Industrial District  
Tuesday, June 27:  South Park    
Thursday, June 29:  Georgetown
Friday, June 30: West Seattle  

Monday, July 10:  Sodo North 
Tuesday, July 11:  Sodo South 
Wednesday, July 12:  Lake Union  
Thursday, July 13:  Ballard West  
Friday, July 14:  Ballard E and Interbay  
Monday, July 17:  Leschi  
Tuesday, July 18:  Northwest Seattle  
Wednesday, July 19:  Rainier Valley 
Thursday, July 20:  Northeast Seattle  
Monday, July 24:  Southeast Seattle  
Tuesday, July 25:  Industrial District  
Wednesday, July 26:  South Park  
Thursday, July 27:  Georgetown  
Friday, July 28:  West Seattle  

Graphical map of Seattle with wastewater pump out regions highlighted

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