Hydrant Permit

Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) must approve and issue a hydrant permit before you can temporarily use a hydrant for a project site or to fill a tanker truck. Temporary use of hydrants is authorized only when there is no other source of water for the project site. If there is an existing water service on the property, we will not issue you a hydrant permit.

Before you can use a hydrant, you must:

  • Have a signed and paid for hydrant permit.
  • Receive an inspection of your hydrant connection.
  • Meet all backflow protection requirements.
  • Always keep the following documents on hand when using a hydrant:
    • Signed hydrant permit
    • Passing backflow assembly test reports
    • Satisfactory tanker fill inspection reports (if applicable)

There are two types of hydrant permits:

  1. Filling tanker trucks
  2. Direct connections to a hydrant

The permit option you select will determine the permit requirements. For more information, refer to WTR-460 - Use of Hydrants by Others (Directors Rule).

How do I get a hydrant permit?

Complete a hydrant rental permit application (pdf). When completed, please email the application to spu_dso@seattle.gov or contact (206) 684-3333 for other submittal options.

Once you submit your application, we will perform a review. If approved, we will issue an invoice based on the estimated costs below. Please allow a minimum of five business days to receive a hydrant permit.

Estimated costs if permit is approved

1. An SPU-issued hydrant meter assembly (HMA) is used for tracking water consumption when:

  • Water usage exceeds 10 CCFs per day, OR for 
  • Hydrant usage exceeds 30 days

The estimated costs are:

  • Hydrant use permit: $215
  • HMA rental $305
  • Billed for consumption based on HMA read at end of project

2. You are charged per day when:

  • Water usage is less than 10 CCFs a day, OR
  • Hydrant usage is less than 30 days.

The estimated costs are:

  • Hydrant use permit: $215
  • Billed for each day of hydrant use:
    • Sept 16 – May 15: $54.40 per day
    • May 16 – Sept 15: $68.60 per day

For more information on charges, refer to FIN-220.1 - Customer Charges (Director's Rule).

Permit length

Your hydrant permit is effective until the expiration date on the permit.

Permit length will not exceed 6 months. Using hydrants after the permit expires is illegal and subject to a fine.

We may cancel your hydrant permit if you don't follow hydrant requirements. You must pay for any damages caused by non-compliance, such as:

  • Hydrant repair
  • Hydrant replacement
  • Backflow response efforts
  • Consumption on meter or daily rate