Try Natural Yard Care

You can grow a healthy lawn and garden and help keep our waters clean! Use the clean water tips below: 

  • Use less fertilizer. Look for the words "natural organic" or "slow release" for products that are less water soluble and feed plants longer.
  • Don't fertilize or spray chemicals before a rain storm. Pesticides on your yard can wash off into streams, harming aquatic life, fish, birds, and even our children and pets.
  • Buy compost or make your own compost to grow healthier plants that don't need chemicals.
  • Contact the Garden Hotline to identify your weed pest problems and find safer alternatives for control.
  • For questions about fertilizing and pesticide alternatives and composting, call the experts at the Garden Hotline at (206) 633-0224 or visit the Garden Hotline website. Learn more about natural yard care for residents.


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