Explore Seattle's Water System

Water flows over a portion of a dam on the Cedar River

Discover the process of how water flows from mountain forests to faucets in the greater Seattle area.

The Water System

  Seattle's Drinking Water

Video | 1 minute

Seattle Public Utilities video about the protected Cedar River and Tolt River watersheds that provide the drinking water for Seattle.

  Seattle Water System

Website | 5 minutes

This brief overview describes the history of Seattle's water system and the process of delivering water from two mountain rivers to customers’ faucets.

Photo of a dam at the watershed

  The Source: A Story of Seattle's Tap Water

Video | 30 minutes

This video about the Cedar River Watershed shows how it has been an important place to people since time immemorial. But global climate change is affecting us all.

Photo of a glass under a water faucet

  How Clean is Seattle's Drinking Water?

Article | 9 minutes

Water quality varies widely in cities across the United States. Find out why Seattle has some of the best water in the world and what’s being done to monitor it.

Photo of a glass under a water faucet

The Water Cycle

  Join NASA to Learn About the Water Cycle!

Website and Activities | 15+ minutes

NASA's Precipitation Education website is full of videos, articles, images, and lesson plans for all ages. They have information identified for formal, informal, and outreach education as well as divided by grade. Dive in!

Graphic of the natural water cycle

  An In-Depth Look at the Water Cycle

Video | 7 minutes

A longer, more in-depth look at the water cycle in How the Hydrologic Cycle Works video. Full of great vocabulary and concepts. Can be used as an introduction to the water cycle or as a deeper exploration of how water moves around the planet.

  Introducing the Water Cycle!

Video | 3 minutes

A great introduction or refresher in the All About the Water Cycle for Kids video. Includes definitions and written graphics.

  Join GoNoodle and Blazer Fresh in a Water Cycle Extravaganza

Video, Song and Dance | 3 minutes

Dance and sing along with this amazingly creative presentation of the water cycle. It's sure to be an unforgettable experience!

  Become a Waterdrop and Journey Through the Water Cycle!

Activity | 15+ minutes

Print out these materials, grab your classmates or friends, and take a fun journey through the Water Cycle. Visit the ocean, rivers, and mountains. Learn how plants and animals participate in the Water Cycle. Learn, Laugh, and Move!

Links for Download:

Graphic of the natural water cycle


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