Waste Prevention at Home

Recycling and composting are great. But not creating waste in the first place is even better! To save money and do the greatest good for the planet, prevent waste first.

Learn why waste prevention matters. Visit the options below to learn more about how you can prevent waste at home.

You can prevent waste by:

  • buying and using less
  • buying products that last longer
  • buying used and with less packaging
  • choosing to repair and reuse
  • sharing, donating, and re-selling items so others can use them
  • making your own compost to use in your home garden

Woman sorting a pile of clothes
Try donating, reselling, buying used, or keeping things in use longer--here's how. 
Woman checking shopping list on her phone while she holds a grocery basket
Learn how to better store, freeze, and buy only the food you need.
Mail filling up a mailbox
Is junk mail filling up your mailbox? Opt out today!


Person sitting at a desk surrounded by phone books
Tired of getting phone books you never use? Opt out today!
Woman with a shovel and compost
Learn eco-friendly ways to compost, mulch, and control garden pests.  
SHA Yesler Terrace workshop participant using a sewing machine to upcycle unwanted fabric waste
Have a waste prevention project idea? Apply for SPU’s community matching grant program.


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