Free Toilets for Low-Income Housing Providers

We offer free water-saving toilets for low-income, multifamily housing providers. Toilets are the biggest water-user in most multifamily buildings. Replacing an older toilet with a new, water-efficient toilet will help keep your water and sewer bill as low as possible.

What's included?

  • Up to 2 free toilets per unit
  • Up to $100 per toilet for installation
  • Free replacement of old top-load clothes washers in common areas


Eligibility Requirements

  • Building must receive a Seattle Public Utilities bill
  • Building is owned by a non-profit or governmental housing provider and has four units or more
  • Existing toilets must have been manufactured before 2004 and have not previously received a rebate
  • Replacement toilets must be Premium toilets that flush at 1.1 gpf or less and be on the Premium Toilet List (pdf)
  • Tenant income must meet the 2020 income guidelines below
This many people live in your householdAnd your total (gross) monthly income is less thanThat's the same as a gross yearly income of less than
1 $3,390 $40,680
2 $4,433 $53,196
3 $5,476 $65,712
4 $6,519 $78,228
5 $7,562 $90,744
6 $8,605 $103,260
7 $8,801 $105,612
8 $8,996 $107,952
9 $9,192 $110,304
10 $9,387 $112,644
Each Additional $196 $2,352

Note: Gross household income is the combined income of all the people residing in the household who are 18 years or older, before taxes are taken out. Gross income is based on 80% of the state's median income.


To Participate

1. Email or mail a completed application packet, including the following:

  • Application (pdf)
  • Copy of your regulatory agreement that details rent and/or income restrictions and occupancy requirements
  • Copy of your organization's IRS determination letter confirming non-profit status
  • Copy of IRS W9 form
  • List of units showing household size and number of toilets per unit. Include any common area toilets.

Email packets to Melissa Levo at or mail printed applications to:

SPU - Multifamily Low-Income Water Conservation Program
PO Box 34018
Seattle, WA 98124-4018

2. Wait for authorization. You should receive an authorization letter or phone call within two weeks. If you do not, please contact Melissa Levo at or (206) 615-1282.

3. Buy and install toilets. Replacement toilets must be Premium, 1.1 gpf (or less) models. You can purchase toilets from a variety of retailers, including your vendor or distributor.

4. Submit project completion information. Details about this step will be included in the authorization letter.

For more information, contact Melissa Levo at or (206) 615-1282.


Benefits of Participating

Photo of Kingway Apartments
Kingway Apartments

Buildings typically reduce water use by 15-30 percent. Here is a testimonial from Kingway Apartments, who has completed multiple projects:

"This was our sixth toilet replacement project, partnered with SPU, and we plan to do more. SPU has worked with us every step of the way, making the process as simple as possible. The cost to our organization is minimal, and the savings are immediate, significant, and long-term."

Marty Gleaves, Senior Facilities Manager, Bellwether Housing