Volunteer Impact

Adopt-a-Street volunteers do amazing work to make our neighborhoods safer, healthier and more beautiful! Check out some of their impacts below.

Volunteer Cleanup Stats

View these statistics from summer 2021 (June through August), with year to date figures also. 

Number of cleanups
148 Summer
253 Year
Number of volunteers
635 Summer
1,209 Year


Hours of cleanup
986 Summer
2,108 Year
Pounds collected
7,458 Summer
15,660 Year  


Note: it is likely that AAS volunteer cleanup activities exceed what has been reported to AAS staff.

Featured Volunteers

Photo of people cleaning up street area
Volunteer Group: West Seattle Chamber of Commerce

The West Seattle Chamber of Commerce has been an active volunteer group with the Adopt-A-Street Program since 2016! Throughout this time, they have dedicated over 198 volunteer hours to keeping their adopted street segments clean. Thank you, West Seattle Chamber of Commerce!