Backyard Creek Stewardship

You can help your watershed by caring for your backyard creek. Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) doesn't regulate creek activities. But, if you want to work in or near a creek, you need to contact and consult other technical and regulatory experts. There are many rules (city, state, & federal) governing human activities that protect creeks.

Important Reminders

  • Report emergency flooding or pollution concerns to 206-386-1800.
  • During storms, exercise caution around creeks and do not enter them.
  • Store household items (firewood, fuel tanks, etc.) away from creeks and flood-prone areas.
  • Reduce leaves and branches in the creek by collecting yours for curbside pickup.
  • Healthy creek side vegetation is part of creek stewardship. Learn more about lawn and garden care.


Helpful Resources

Regulatory agencies or departments

Code and permitting

Resources outside SPU

Resources inside SPU