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Updated: November 1, 2022

Fall 2022

The  SW Brandon St. Entrance Improvement project originated from the SW Brandon & SW Findlay Trail Improvement & Wayfinding Plan.  It is the only funded project from the plan and we are excited to be moving it forward. For more information and details regarding the overall plan see the link below.

Camp Long SW Brandon Street Entrance Improvement Project

The goal for this project is to improve the entrance to Camp Long at SW Brandon Street by moving the concept from the Wayfinding plan to reality. This project is part of Sheila Brown’s (a long-time employee of Seattle Parks and Recreation and Director of Camp Long) desire to provide a more attractive, inviting, and equitable opportunity welcoming all to Camp Long. This is a public/private partnership and only made possible by the successful community fundraising effort. The original plan provided concept drawings for improvement to this entrance. Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) hired a consultant to produce the required professional construction documents for the project.

The project is currently on hold as we work through permitting requirements.
Thumbnail image of concept illustration for construction of new entry gateway at Camp Long with notes and dimensions. Larger version available from link.


The entrance to Camp Long at SW Brandon Street. View this PDF for more details including an aerial map with location highlighted.


Through the generous public fundraising campaign and the fiscal sponsorship of the Delridge Neighborhood association. $58,611 were raised for the design and construction and supplemented with additional SPR project funding.


Design: Summer 2021 - Winter 2021/2022
Construction for Branden Street Entrance: Early 2023

The project is currently on hold due to permitting delays.

Project Description

The goal for this project is to bring the design concept to fruition and improve the entrance to Camp Long at SW Brandon Street. 

Community Participation

After an extensive community outreach, Seattle Department of Transportation and Seattle Parks and Recreation created the following plan. The plan details potential trail and wayfinding improvements for pedestrians along SW Brandon and SW Findlay Streets near Camp Long and Longfellow Creek. It is posted here with appendices, take a look, we encourage you to see what we have done with your ideas!
SW Brandon & SW Findlay Streets Trail Improvements & Wayfinding Plan
   •  Trail Improvements & Wayfinding Plan Appendices

Check out this video that shows existing trail conditions and opportunities.

Public Meeting/Open House 12/7/2019

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