SW Brandon & SW Findlay Streets - Trail Improvements & Wayfinding

Updated: May 13, 2021

Spring 2021

Thank you for taking our online survey during the summer/early fall of 2020!  You may also have given us your ideas at our first community meeting and walk in December 2019. We thank you for your input! The final study report is ready. The report details potential trail and wayfinding improvements for pedestrians along SW Brandon and Findlay Streets near Camp Long and Longfellow Creek. It is posted below with appendices, take a look, we encourage you to see what we have done with your ideas!

And check out this video that shows existing trail conditions and opportunities. Thank you!

This project, in partnership with the Seattle Department of Transportation, improves pedestrian connections between High Point and Delridge. It also seeks to provide better walking routes to the new Rapid Ride H Line along Delridge Way SW.

Areas of Focus Map Thumbnail which links to PDF document of Map with project goals and timeline information.
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The area between 30th Ave SW and 26th Ave SW; and between SW Brandon and SW Findlay streets.  


The 2019 Seattle Parks and Recreation budget provides $50,000 in funding for planning and design.


Planning and Design: Fall 2019 - Fall 2020

Project Description

Project designs pedestrian paths and wayfinding along SW Brandon Street and SW Findlay Street to improve neighborhood mobility.  Includes work to improve and make more welcoming to the public the trail entries at Camp Long and Longfellow Creek from SW Brandon Street.

Community Participation

SW Brandon & SW Findlay Streets Trail Improvements & Wayfinding Plan
   •  Trail Improvements & Wayfinding Plan Appendices

Public Meeting/Open House 12/7/2019