Certified Facilities

What is the Facility Certification Program?

Seattle Municipal Code 21.36.089 directs Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) to set up criteria to identify Qualified Receiving and Recycling Facilities for recovering targeted construction materials for recycling and beneficial use. Qualified facilities are to:

  • comply with State and local permitting requirements,
  • report to the City on incoming and outgoing construction materials for reuse, recycling, beneficial use and disposal, and
  • meet performance standards for recovering banned materials from residuals bound for landfill disposal.

Qualified Facilities

The lists of Qualified Receiving and Recycling Facilities will be updated quarterly. Two lists are posted – one for Salvage Facilities and Source-Separated Recyclers and the other for Mixed-Waste Recyclers and Disposal Facilities. The lists contain whether or not the facilities are in regulatory and reporting compliance, their material diversion levels, what materials they accept for recycling as well as the facility address and phone contact numbers. Users are urged to contact the facility beforehand to confirm that they are still accepting certain materials and for gate fee information.

Mixed-Waste Recyclers and Disposal Facilities

Salvage and Source-Separated Recyclers List (pdf) 


SPU Director’s Rule for Requirements for Qualified Construction and Demolition Receiving and Processing Facilities

SPU Director's Rule SW-620 (pdf) describes the general and specific facility requirements for being classified as a Qualified Facility. The Rule applies to:

  • Source-separated recyclers
  • Mixed-waste recycling facilities
  • Receiving Facilities such as solid waste transfer stations

Other materials referenced in SPU Director’s Rule SW-405.1 are: