Community Center Stabilization Overview

Updated: June 27, 2023

Seattle's community centers are the backbone of our recreation system. In addition to enabling health, recreation, and fitness, they serve as anchors for many of our neighborhoods and support a healthy environment and strong communities. These centers must continue to evolve as Seattle's population changes and as recreation needs and interests of residents change.

The first round of the Seattle Park District provided funding for stabilization of the community centers and Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) focused the capital investment dollars on seismic, fire-safety, and access improvements to serve the community the best and prolong the usefulness of the facilities. The types of repairs needed are typically structural, electrical, or would improve ADA access, create gender neutral restrooms, or improve air (HVAC) systems. Examples include: seismic upgrades, roofing repairs, and restroom improvements.

In Spring 2017, SPR staff toured the centers with community leaders and center staff to identify priority improvements. These "walk-throughs" together with architectural and engineering studies for each facility informed the proposed scope of improvements for these centers. As mentioned above, building life safety is the priority for this funding and we will do our best to include additional improvements.

SPR has assessed that several community centers have major maintenance needs that may over time prevent programming and access to several of our community centers. SPR has prioritized life safety building improvements as the first capital investments to be made and the best use of limited resources.

Which centers are getting stabilization repairs?

Green Lake Community Center and Evans Pool - Stabilization & Replacement

  • Stabilization: Improvements include pool pump and heating replacement, electrical repairs, pool deck cleaning and sealing, gym floor leveling and refinishing and more.
  • Replacement: SPR has completed the conceptual design phase and the design is on hold as we work to secure additional funding.

Hiawatha Community Center

Improvements include electrical repairs, water and sewer pipe replacements, furnace and water heater repairs, roof replacement, and more.

Jefferson Community Center - Completed

Improvements included electrical repairs, kitchen upgrades, ADA improvements, elevator installation, roof repair, and more.

  • Thank you from Seattle Parks and Recreation to the community for your input on this project and your patience during the construction. Construction was completed in late May with everyone moved in and the facility reopened in mid-June 2022.

Loyal Heights Community Center

We are still determining the types of improvements that might occur here and the best way to move forward. Loyal Heights needs stabilization repairs, however the scope of work needed exceeds the funds available. Staff are currently working with SPR leadership to decide if a smaller scope of work, or a complete rebuild would be most appropriate for the future of this community center. We have put this project on hold.

Magnolia Community Center

Stabilization project includes: roof repairs, structural enhancements to gym, window upgrades in multipurpose rooms, wood screen replacement, VAT abatement and floor tile replacement in hallway, restroom remodel on main floor for improved accessibility and all-gender use, push-button operators, independent fire alarm detection system and wet fire protection system, wheelchair lift between gym and lobby, new exit lighting and signals, plumbing improvements, main entrance flooring and hallway replacement, kitchen remodel for updates and improved accessibility, electrical improvements and exterior improvements. 

  • Currently in for permitting with anticipation of construction starting in late 2023. The facility will be closed during construction (9-12 months). We will post the construction schedule at the community center at least one month ahead of time.

Queen Anne Community Center

The next Park District cycle offers exciting improvements for Queen Anne community. Seattle Parks and Recreation puts previously planned stabilization project on hold, as new plans are made to incorporate the additional funding from the next 6 - year Park District cycle.

The renovation will focus on decarbonization/electrification of the building, infrastructure improvements, and a general ‘refreshing’ to make the building feel new again.

South Park Community Center

Improvements include ventilation, restroom remodeling, ADA improvements, roof repair, and more.

  • Currently in for permitting with anticipation of construction starting in fall 2022. The facility will be closed during construction (9-12 months).

* Construction will occur at the same time as the South Park Community Center Site Redevelopment Project

What about the other centers?

While other centers may benefit from cosmetic repairs or renovation, they do not present the same level of need as the centers identified above. Our other centers are serviced by our ongoing maintenance program that provides both preventative and on-demand maintenance year-round by our facilities staff.

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