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工作场所海报(大多数雇主必须张贴的海报)/ Workplace Poster (Required Posting for Most Employers)

适用于西雅图大多数雇主和雇员的法律 / Laws Covering Most Seattle-Based Employers and Employees

  • 通勤人员福利 / Commuter Benefits
  • 公平就业机会(在雇用时使用犯罪记录)/ Fair Chance Employment (Use of Criminal History in Employment)
  • 最低工资 / Minimum Wage
  • 带薪病假和安全时间 / Paid Sick and Safe Time
  • 克扣工资 / Wage Theft

 基于应用程序工作者(零工工作者)的保护措施 / App-Based Worker (Gig Worker) Protections

家政从业人员 / Domestic Workers

零售和餐饮服务业员工的保护措施 / Retail and Food Service Employee Protections

酒店员工的保护措施 / Hotel Employee Protections

独立承包商 / Independent Contractors

一般信息 / General Information

Archived Materials

如需本文件的翻译版本,请致电 (206) 256-5297  索取 / A translated version of this document is available upon request at (206) 256-5297

Labor Standards

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The Office of Labor Standards enforces Seattle’s labor standards ordinances to protect workers and educate employers on their responsibilities.