Educational Programs

energy heroes logoCity Light's Energy Heroes program offers free educational workshops and classroom presentations for teachers and students in grades 1-8 to create and support Energy Heroes across our community. This program focuses on energy conservation and electrical safety, renewable energy, and sustainability.

All our programs are interactive, promote curiosity, and reinforce curricula already being taught in the classroom. Each presentation or workshop can be tailored to align to class periods within your specific school.

Electrical Safety Classroom Presentation

Woman presenting an educational program to young studentsThis interactive presentation teaches students in 1st and 2nd grade about the basics of how electricity works and how to be safe with electricity - indoors or out. Kids are engaged to help Detective SafetySmarts and the City Light Energy Heroes solve a stack of puzzling cases.

Renewable Energy Classroom Workshop

Woman presenting an educational program to studentsThis workshop teaches students in 3rd and 4th grade about renewable energy and the importance of energy conservation, including what role City Light plays as their electric utility. Students get to be an Energy Hero and help thwart the energy vampires.

Energy and Sustainability Classroom Workshop

Two boys look at a hydropower information sheetThis workshop teaches students in 8th grade about energy systems through a hydropower model. Concepts like the importance of environmental stewardship and the role City Light plays as their electric utility are covered. Students develop a good understanding of where their power comes from and how to harness it responsibly.

To register for an Energy Heroes workshop or get more information, contact our program associates at (206) 583-0655 or submit a question online.

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