Brace Point Cable Replacement

City Light Undergrounding Project

Map showing construction work area in the Brace Point neighborhood

Project Description

Underground electrical cables were originally installed in parts of the Endolyne/Brace Point area in 1971. In 2011, a Seattle City Light contractor tested and where possible, injected the cables with silicone to extend their life. However, 50% of the cable could not be injected and must be replaced. City Light has hired a contractor to replace the aging electrical infrastructure in the Brace Point area with new conduits, cables, vaults and streetlights.


Construction will occur in the Endolyne/Brace Point area

What's Happening Now?

Project Update (April 26, 2024): Following cancellation of the previous Brace Point cable replacement project contract in early 2022, we have been working to reacquire the SDOT permit, which required design changes to comply with updated standards. This work and coordination of review processes with relevant City departments has taken longer than initially anticipated.

As this project is a major rebuild of an underground system, it is important we complete due diligence at the outset, so we do not risk having to redo any work. We are actively collaborating with SDOT to ensure that the project meets ADA, streetlight, and sidewalk requirements. We anticipate finalizing these details and obtaining the necessary permits over the next few months. We have targeted late summer for soliciting bids from contracting firms. If this schedule holds, contract award would occur in fall 2024, with work beginning late 2024/early 2025.

We fully recognize unplanned outages due to failures in the aging system are frustrating and disruptive. We apologize for those impacts and the project delays.

Previous Update: In May 2022 we shared a status update about challenges with the Brace Point cable replacement project over the previous six months. This included unforeseen delays in receiving a required permit, the then-contractor’s non-compliance with City policy, and expiration of our SDOT Utility Major Permit. The confluence of these delays led to contract cancellation.

Community Benefits

  • The work will result in enhanced electrical reliability and reduce the likelihood of unplanned power outages in the Brace Point area.

Anticipated Impacts

  • Trenching for conduits will occur in the public right-of-way (e.g., street, lawn, planting strips). Crews will cover trenches with steel plates outside of construction work hours. The contractor may be working in multiple locations at a time. Crews will work to limit parking and traffic impacts.
  • Construction will require some road closures to traffic during work hours. Detour signage will direct traffic where possible. Crews may limit driveway access to houses closest to construction areas during working hours. Vehicles will be able to pass during non-working hours.
  • The project will not cause interruption to your mail delivery or garbage/recycling/yard waste service. Please leave your cans on the curb as you usually do.
  • Maintenance power outages are required to do the work safely. City Light will notify affected residents in advance before any outage.
  • Private service connections to homes are not included in this work. The homeowner is responsible for installing new conduits in their private property.
  • The contractor will work closely with the Seattle Department of Transportation's (SDOT) Urban Forestry group to protect trees and mitigate any removals. SDOT staff may be on-site to monitor this work.
  • All affected streets and landscaping will be restored and repaved in kind, per SDOT standards.

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