Salmon Bay Park Play Area Renovation

Updated: January 11, 2022

Winter 2021/2022

The project team is working toward completion of 60% construction documentation and is slated for internal technical review at that time. Part of 60% construction documentation is finalizing the layout and vendor for play equipment. We are excited to use the proposal from Woodland Explorer as our base to add some of the preferred play features, such as a net climber, to the planned equipment. The project team is coordinating with SDOT to install additional bike parking that serves the play area.

Construction documentation will continue in 2022 with the intent of bidding the construction work at the end of this year/early next year with construction following bid award. 

Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) presented three play equipment options and a preferred site plan design during our 3rd round of community engagement events. We received 340 community responses from our online survey and in-person Open House at the park. Thank you for your time and valuable input! Follow the links below for a summary of what we heard.


Salmon Bay Park, 2001 NW Canoe Place, 98117


The Seattle Parks District provides $850,000 in funding for this project.  


Planning: 2020
60% Design & Review: April 2022
90% Design & Review: September 2022
Bid & Award Project: Late 2022 - Early 2023
Construction: 2023

Project Description

The goal of this project is to renovate the existing play area space, including new play equipment, ADA improvements, benches, and seating options. Renovated elements will meet current safety and accessibility standards.

Some of the elements we hope to improve are: replacing the play area equipment, including the climber, whirl, and spring toys, and possibly the swings (the newly replaced zipline will be retained); replacing the play area safety surfacing; adding accessible picnic tables, benches, and other site furnishings; improving ADA accessibility to the play area and the adjacent portion of the park; and consideration of trees to begin the park's next generation of these green assets.

Community Participation

Community Input and Safety Summary - December 2021

Online Open House 1/21/2021
To review the three play area concepts and proposed new play equipment, the newly replaced zipline will be retained, you can watch the concept presentation (30 minutes) here:

Presentation on three equipment proposals for community review.
Please watch this video

In the park Open House 7/24/2021