Improve Dog Off-Leash Areas

Updated: February 3, 2022

Early 2022

One of the Seattle Park District Maintaining Parks and Facilities funding initiatives is to Improve Dog Off-Leash Areas (OLAs). This initiative will improve existing OLAs through maintenance and updates to aging infrastructure. There is a list of all 14 OLAs on the Dog Off Leash Areas webpage.

New Project Updates

Future OLA Major Maintenance projects are planned for Woodland and Blue Pond. 

Older Completed Projects

Additional Major Maintenance OLA projects were recently completed at I-5 Colonnade, Kinnear, Magnolia Manor, and North Acres.

In 2016, with community input, we developed the People, Dogs, and Parks Plan to guide the improvements. Since then we have:

  • Made grading improvements by filling holes created by dogs and fanning out extra gravel into the park plus additional facility improvements at Magnolia Manor OLA
  • Knocked down overgrown blackberries and thistle growth at Dr. Jose Rizal Dog Park and added self-closing gate access points throughout the Park
  • Scrapped and added additional gravel at I-5 Colonnade Dog Park to minimize build up high spots
  • Cleared blackberries and thistles overgrowth at Blue Dog Pond OLA 
  • Built a new fence around the 8.6-acre Magnuson Park OLA
  • Installed a small and shy dog area along with other improvements at Genesee Park
  • Installed a small and shy dog area at Woodland park along with additional improvements
  • Installed an 18" block wall inside the fence along Bell Street at Regrade Park, to prevent gravel from the OLA from migrating onto the Bell Street sidewalk
  • Installed a new pedestrian access gate and new vehicle access gates at Northacres Park OLA, and replaced damaged and deteriorating fencing
  • Resurfaced the existing gravel path and installed new benches at the Dr. Jose Rizal Park OLA
  • Installed dog agility equipment and fence repairs at Golden Gardens OLA

We are planning a list of improvements at other OLAs around the city and will post the scope and schedule of these improvements as they develop.


The Seattle Park District's Maintaining Parks and Facilities funding initiative provides funding to maintain and improve OLAs throughout Seattle. This initiative has been budgeted for $120,000 for 2021.

More information can be found in the capital plan for all OLAs, People, Dogs and Parks Strategic Plan. This plan provides a scope and prioritization of projects.

For more information contact Peggy Tosdal, with Seattle Parks and Recreation, at or (206) 419-3136.