Assigned Probation: What To Expect

Your assigned Probation Counselor will work with you to ensure compliance with court ordered obligations while helping connect you with services and supports that restore your independence, address underlying needs and change criminalized behavior to ensure your future success.

General Process

  • The judge will instruct you to report to Probation Services, 8th Floor of the courthouse, to meet with your assigned Probation Counselor.
  • Your Probation Counselor will work with you to gain understanding of your case, your current situation, and needs.
  • Your Probation Counselor will review with you the conditions and terms or your probation obligation.
  • Your Probation Counselor will help you identify appropriate social services and community supports that will help you be successful in meeting the terms of your probation. These may include alcohol and drug treatment, mental health treatment, food, clothing or medical assistance, housing, and employment or job readiness assistance.
  • Your Probation Counselor will take you to the Community Resource Center where you will be assigned a volunteer case manager who will work with you and your Probation Counselor to create a plan to get the services and supports you need.
  • While at the Community Resource Center, you will be able to meet with social service providers to determine eligibility and address immediate needs like clothing, food or shelter.
  • Your volunteer case manager will document the services received, who you met with and other recommendations.
  • Before you leave the court, you will be provided with information on future appointments, including locations and contact information.
  • You will be provided with instructions on when and how to report back to your Probation Counselor.

Contact Probation Services

Probation Services is located on the 8th Floor of Seattle Municipal Court.

Phone: (206) 684-7840

Mailing Address:
Seattle Justice Center
PO BOX 34987
Seattle, WA 98124-4987

Municipal Court

Address: 600 5th Avenue, Seattle, WA, 98104
Mailing Address: PO BOX 34987, Seattle, WA, 98124-4987
Phone: (206) 684-5600

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