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Seattle Municipal Court offers programs and services focused on supporting the needs of court-involved individuals. Our efforts seek to resolve the underlying problem bringing a person to court through relationship building, outcome-based goals and community restoration.

Seattle Municipal Court Programs

Probation Services

Through providing post-trial probationary case management services, we serve individuals with court-ordered obligations to support their accountability in addressing underlying challenges, such as drug addiction, mental illness and homelessness, that interfere with positive behavioral change.

Pre-Trial Services

Pre-trial services seeks to maintain community safety, preserve personal liberty, address individual needs, and ensure those accused of a crime are present for their day in court.

Community Resource Center

A resource hub within the courthouse offering social and community services to anyone who needs them. For the underserved, the Community Resource Center makes it easy to access life-changing services so that they can move forward in health and stability. 

Specialized Courts

Offering focused attention on specific populations or offense type to address underlying needs with accountability.

Interpreter Services

Ensuring access to justice for all who appear at the court.

Seattle Municipal Court Services

Marriage Ceremonies

Seattle Municipal Court judges are authorized to perform marriage ceremonies.

Public Disclosure

Seattle Municipal Court is committed to openness, transparency and provides reasonable access to records.

Vacating A Conviction

Learn more about how to vacate a conviction and the conditions that apply.

Customer Service

Submit an online request for assistance from the court.

Municipal Court

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