Baby Blue Eyes Spruce

Picea pungens 'Baby Blue Eyes'

Under Power Lines:
No—this tree should not be planted under overhead power lines.

Street Tree Planting:
No—Must be planted in yard.

This small stature evergreen conifer is perfect for a smaller yard space. Its silvery blue foliage make it a striking addition to your landscape. A slow growing tree, this tree may only grow 2-3" per year.

Mature Height:
30 feet

Mature Spread:
15 feet

Silvery blue evergreen foliage. The prickly needles are arranged radially on orange-brown shoots.

Cultural Notes:
Plant in full sun in rich, well drained soils.

Potential Problems:
White pine weevil and spruce aphids are potential problems.

Minimum Planting Distances:

  • 15 feet from house or building
  • 3 ½ feet back from the face of the curb
  • 5 feet from underground utility lines
  • 10 feet from power poles
  • 7 ½ feet from driveways (10 feet recommended)
  • 20 feet from street lights and other existing trees
  • 30 feet from street intersections