Unreinforced Masonry Buildings - Timeline

Unreinforced Masonry


January 2013

November 2013

  • Conducted Columbia City outreach and education pilot

First & Second Quarter 2014

  • Finalized benefits-cost analysis report and discussions with URM Policy Committee

Third & Fourth Quarter 2014

  • Continued with selected outreach and education
  • Planned for validation of URM inventory list; continued research on financial incentives

April 2016

  • Finished validating URM inventory list
  • Analyzed survey data and published report
  • Notified building owners on Confirmed URM List

Fourth Quarter 2016 & First Quarter 2017

  • Re-convene URM Policy Committee to finalize recommendations

Third Quarter 2017

  • Finalize Policy Recommendations and brief Mayor and Council
  • Convene outside group of experts on financing/funding URM retrofits

Fourth Quarter 2017

  • Develop staff recommendations for early actions


  • Outside consultant wrote report analyzing policy committee financing and funding recommendations


  • Internal work to develop policy options and fine tune prioritization


  • Resolution 32033 is signed on December 15, 2021, directing the City to renew efforts related to the mandatory URM retrofit program


  • The URM Technical Standard Task Group was formed to update the Technical Standard
  • URM Program Manager position created and filled