Weather Protection

How is weather protection age-friendly?

Seattle gets 1561 days a year of rain on average, which is more than most major cities across the United States. Having weather protection to navigate and enjoy Seattle's streets is important for a vibrant public realm. 

Awning over sidewalk cafes and person walking down the street

Where should weather protection be prioritized?

Weather protection should be prioritized near transit stops, along pedestrian routes, in public spaces like Privately Owned Public Spaces (POPS) or right of way spaces where gathering or rest may take place, or along walkways with a steep grade. Current types of sidewalk weather protection are incorporated into private development and at transit stops.

Primary agencies invested in weather protection

  • Seattle Department of Transportation
  • King County Metro
  • Private Development

Estimated cost


* Cost levels:
$ = Under $100,000
$$ = $100,001-$500,000
$$$ = $500,001-$1,000,000
$$$$= Over $1,000,001


SDCI requirements / guidance for weather protection

1National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Seattle mean number of days with precipitation 0.01 inches or more Jan 1948 - December 2015.