Play in the Right of Way

How is play, age-friendly?

Play is important for both youth and older adults. Although play structures may not be the appropriate approach for many parts of the right of way, playful design elements can be infused into many projects. Opportunities to interact with your surroundings is stimulating for both older and younger people. Playful elements could be interactive art, or be play infrastructure. 

Kids play on top of a parklet in Seattle 

Where should play be prioritized?

Play in public right of way must consider clearance standards. Playful interactions in public space should be prioritized where there is enough space for someone to linger and not block pedestrian clear space.

Primary agencies invested in play in the right of way

  • Seattle Department of Transportation
  • Seattle Parks and Recreation
  • Private Development

Estimated cost*

$ Can vary

* Cost levels:
$ = Under $100,000
$$ = $100,001-$500,000
$$$ = $500,001-$1,000,000
$$$$= Over $1,000,001


Play elements can include: