Othello and Rainier Beach Healthy Street

Updated October 12, 2022

What's Happening Now?

We’re updating our Healthy Streets across Seattle based on the trends we’ve seen in terms of community use and public feedback. Our next steps will be:

  • Make some locations permanent Healthy Streets
  • Return some locations to neighborhood greenways, which they were prior to the pandemic
  • Further review some Healthy Streets and conduct more outreach to determine next steps. These locations will remain Healthy Streets until further notice. 

Please look at the below map to see what's changing in your neighborhood Healthy Street.

Here's a highlight video from the block party we hosted this summer in partnership with Seattle Housing Authority and C.H.A.M.P.S Resource Center!

Project overview

Stay Healthy Streets are an important tool for Seattleites to get outside, travel to grocery stores, pharmacies, and local businesses, and get exercise. Installed as part of our emergency response to the pandemic in 2020, they have made it possible for people to walk, roll, and bike in the street while staying 6 feet apart. They also provide an opportunity for you to consider how Stay Healthy Streets might improve your community in the long-term.

How were streets selected?

Most Stay Healthy Streets were installed along Neighborhood Greenways, which have traffic calming like speed humps, improvements to make it easy to cross busy streets, and have gone through a community engagement process. As with Neighborhood Greenways, local access, deliveries, waste pickup and emergency vehicles are always allowed but drivers must yield to other users.

Project Map

A map showing the locations of permanent Healthy Streets and locations under review

What's Next

We're thinking long term. We're planning to make some Stay Healthy Streets permanent and we want to hear your thoughts about the Othello and Rainier Beach Stay Healthy Street and what it should look like. So far sections of the Greenwood and Beacon Hill Stay Healthy Streets are slated to become permanent.

Permanent Healthy Street treatments in Greenwood

Permanent Healthy Street treatments in Greenwood

They can be used for gardening, games and sports, potlucks, and other celebrations. Because the street is already closed to pass through traffic, you don't need permits to close the street for these activities, you just need to notify neighbors on your block and be able to move if someone needs to get to their home or get a delivery.


July 2022: Block Party Pop-up event in partnership with C.H.A.M.P.S. and Seattle Housing Authority

Summer 2022: Online survey to collect community feedback on the Othello and Rainier Beach Stay Healthy Street