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Does your Internet connection feel slow? Are you unable to stream video services like Netflix or Hulu? Slow internet connections can be caused by a number of factors - some which you can control and some are controlled by your broadband provider. The tips below can help identify the cause of your internet slowness.


Check your device

As computers and other devices age, they can operate more slowly, making internet connections feel slower as well. If you have multiple devices connected to your network, like a smart phone connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the slow device, see if the Internet feels slow on the second device too. If the second device's internet is ok, read this article on how to improve your computer's speed.


Check your Wi-Fi

Accessing the Internet via a Wi-Fi network is a great way to be online without being tied down by wires. However, Wi-Fi connections depend on having a strong signal between your device and the Wi-Fi router connected to the Internet. Barriers like walls, large objects, other wireless services, and other device sharing the same network can interfere with Wi-Fi and slow your internet connection. Read this artice on how to improve your Wi-Fi performance.


Check the equipment provided by your provider

A slow connection may indicate a need to update or change a setting on your modem or similar equipment issued by your Internet Service Provider. Click on the appropriate link below for your provider's instructions on how to troubleshoot Internet slowness, and who to contact for additional assistance.


Consider increasing your service speed

As the Internet becomes increasingly central to our lives, the amount of bandwidth used by our computers, televisions, and other devices is constantly increasing. In 2015, the FCC changed their definition of broadband internet from 4mbps to 25mbps. As broadband Internet competition has increased in Seattle since 2014, providers have increased available broadband speeds while maintaining, and in some cases decreasing prices. Contact your Internet Service Provider to determine if a faster service speed is available and appropriate for your needs.

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